About Me

Although I’m not a chef or nutritionist professionally, I have a long passion for cooking, nutrition research, organic home gardening, and exercise. Actually, my job has had a huge role in my food interests. I am a professional ESL teacher who has had the good fortune of visiting a number of countries, living overseas, and swapping foods and food talk with hundreds of people from all over the world. I’ve gotten to learn about some ferments I could never have imagined existed.

I got into fermenting when, after several years of increasing interest and skill at home veggie gardening, the produce from my garden became more than I could consume fresh. And also I was just of the mind that pickles and kimchi and most other fermented stuff is just straight up delicious and good for you. 

I hope these pictures and recipes and stories make you even just a touch happier and/or healthier. That’s my whole goal. 

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