Ultimate Pickle Jar: Superb Solution for Submerging Veggies


The Ultimate Pickle Jar. Aka the “Pickle Pusher.” I’ve talked about this product in some of my posts and I just wanted to take a minute and state that, for a couple bucks more than a fermentation weight, you are getting an invaluable fermentation tool. Some of my ferments, like horseradish, literally could not have worked unless I used this over a traditional weight.

The Pickle Pusher, lid, and airlock all come together in the

If you’re like so many home fermenters, making small batches with glass jars, then often the next item you’ll hear people recommend is an airlock. And yes, an airlock is a great way to “set and forget” your ferment and you’ll rarely have to worry about issues like exploding or leaky jars.

But actually, after the vessel, and actually of equal importance, is a means to submerge any and all produce or items placed in the saltwater brine. In other words, a ferment weight is more important than an airlock for a successful ferment. This is because while you can always burp your jars manually, you can’t afford to let any part of your jar contents to be exposed to air. This is a direct route to spoilage and mold.

Although I love my glass weights, there’s at least five reasons why the “Pickle Pusher” is superior.

1.) It applies about 25 more times downward pressure, meaning that veggies can’t lift up and push the weight upwards.

2.) Unlike a simple weight, it’s airtight design also prevents 99% of debris from floating to the top and around its edges, which are a constant nuisance with glass weights.

3.) They won’t slip down as ferments loosen up. It is not uncommon to eventually find your glass weight tilted at an unhelpful angle, or even in the middle or bottom of your jar. This is due to the natural movement that takes place during fermentation. But the Pickle Pusher’s patented launch/ adjuster rod system prevents this from happening. (Note that the grade 316 stainless steel it uses does not react to saltwater and acids whatsoever; it will not affect the ferment at all.)

4.) It’s durable. It won’t chip.

5.) It’s easy to insert and remove. Have you tried removing a glass weight recently? Even the ones with the little handles can be a true challenge to get out of the jar. And if it slipped to the bottom, it’s even more frustrating to get out.

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  1. I have been unable to find the ultimate pickle pusher for sale. I can’t find the link for it on their site. Do you know if they are still making this product?

    • Yeah, I’ve kind of seen it here and there but not totally consistently this year. I don’t know if it’s a manufacturing issue due to COVID maybe? But I think if you reach out to them directly you’ll get answers. Thanks for being in touch.


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