Green Bean Kimchi


 Have you ever thought about making kimchi out of green beans?! This is the kind of wacky stuff that keeps me up at night. The truth is, virtually every vegetable can be fermented, and likewise, can be put through the kimchi process. Now, kimchi by definition doesn’t have to be […]


Perilla Leaf (Kkaennip) Kimchi


 One kimchi that has stood out to me for years for its unique & floral flavor is kkaennip kimchi, or kimchi of perilla leaf. This can also be called sesame leaf (though it’s not in the same family as the sesame plant that makes sesame seeds). In fact, perilla leaf […]

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Kimchi Shakshuka


 Kimchi. Shakshuka. Two foods I absolutely love and never once considered combining. Until one night, awake and stirring in bed, it just kinda hit me. And then, it was even harder to fall asleep because I started imagining all the ways I could go about it. Would I still use […]