1. Hello, I love your website!
    I have a question about my sauerkraut that has been fermenting for 7 days so far. The liquid is a bit slimy. Is this normal or is there a problem.
    Thank you for you advice,

    • Thanks so much for saying that! Without a picture it can be hard to say, but in general, sliminess isn’t an indication of spoilage in a ferment. Some bacterial colonies form in this way, but they don’t adversely affect flavor or anything. Or by sliminess maybe you mean cloudiness, which is totally normal and to be expected in fermented foods. By the time you eat the kraut, an entirely new type of lactic acid bacteria may have replaced a “slimy” bacterial colony too. I’d give it another few weeks before eating. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Daniel
    I’m trying your Caribbean Banana Ketchup recipe, should I leave it to ferment in a dark cupboard or is it ok to stay on the kitchen bench? Robyn, Perth, Western Australia


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