Tutorial Video: Basic Sauerkraut


This is a video I made (for a group of parents & kids) showing the process for making basic sauerkraut. Besides showing the preparation, it goes over the essential information for what size jar to use, how much salt, and other useful techniques.

The airlock lid shown in the video is my preferred device and may be purchased here.


  1. I need you to know that you are my culinary hero.
    Thank you

  2. Is there a maximum time that it can be stored?

    • Sauerkraut can last for an indefinite amount of time, if stored properly. This means, for example, transferring it to a smaller jar when you’ve eaten a lot, so that there isn’t much air space in the jar and you can continue to press it down to keep it submerged in brine for the most part. I have had krauts last 2-3 years and they tasted great. However, they get soft. When that happens, it’s great for things like soup or even dehydrating to turn into flavor powders for things like popcorn, or sour cream dip, or other cooking and ferment projects.

  3. Thank you!


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