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Dill Pickle Remoulade


 Remoulade originated in France as a cold sauce with some similarities to tartar sauce. It had a sharp bite with its generous inclusion of horseradish. The name remoulade came from the word for horseradish – remolat – in a dialect of French (noting that the word for horseradish in the […]

Hot Sauces, Sriracha-Style Sauces

“BlueRacha” (Blueberry Sriracha) Recipe


 I’ve been making fruit-flavored “sriracha” sauces for years and you can find numerous other such recipes here. Sriracha is a simple and highly versatile sauce, normally consisting of red chilies, vinegar, garlic, and sugar. Notwithstanding the addition of some fruit flavor, in these cases I very much aim to maintain […]