Kiwi Simple Syrup


Can this be my shortest post ever? You need to know what’s in it, how to make it, and some ideas of what it’s good for (besides maybe just spooning it into your mouth at 2 am).

Here we go:

It’s delicious drizzled on fruit salad, ice cream & frozen yogurt, breakfast foods, and more. It’s delightful in cocktails (Kiwi Tom Collins, anyone? Kiwi Ginger Mule?). You can also mix it into smoothies or tea. I can go on…

At the end, I’m also going to give instructions for turning the kiwis into chew candies!

This recipe will make approximately 5-6 oz. of kiwi syrup (“woozy bottles” normally hold 5 oz. of liquid)

You will need:


  • 8-10 kiwis, peeled and halved (try to use a mix of ripe and firm, for best depth of flavor)
  • 1 cup filtered or distilled water
  • 1 cup sugar (any type desired; note dark sugar will produce a darker syrup)


1.) Rinse and peel the kiwis, cut in half or quarter

2.) Combine in saucepan with cup of water and cup of sugar

3.) Bring to a boil, stir, then reduce heat to medium-low for around 45 minutes (keep on lowest setting if unable to monitor, as syrup can get bubbly and overflow; time will be closer to an hour). Stir periodically.

4.) Once the liquid thickens, remove the kiwis and discard or set aside to make chew candies. (Note that when it’s hot the liquid won’t seem very syrupy, but once cooled, it will be.)

5.) Transfer the liquid from the saucepan to the pour receptacle, using the fine mesh strainer to remove any kiwi bits, seeds or impurities.

6.) From there, transfer the syrup to woozy bottle or other storage container using the sauce funnel. Allow to cool in refrigerator.

It will keep for several months refrigerated.

Want to do something with your boiled kiwis? I sprinkled them with cayenne powder (optional) and then placed them on wax paper in my food dehydrator for two days. They’re not beautiful, but these were some seriously delicious natural kiwi chews (nice and firm).

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