Recipes for fermented and non-fermented drinks and cocktails


Master Tonic (Fire Cider)


 Because of the diverse array of its anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich components, which are also normally easily accessible in conventional or specialty grocers and food markets, fire cider has only seen its popularity grow in both commercial production and DIY recipes in recent years. Another convenient benefit: It’s not hard at all […]


Grapefruit-Basil Soda (Water Kefir)


 This soda is so refreshing it’s insane! It’s not grapefruit season but I just love pink grapefruit on a hot day and they have been dynamite! My son decided it’s his favorite fruit ever times a thousand, after years of me trying to convince him it was even edible. Funny […]

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Homemade Celery Soda


 As a kid growing up in south Florida surrounded by Jewish delis, my older brother introduced me early on to Dr. Brown’s sodas, including the unique “Cel-Ray” soda and I’ve enjoyed it since. This soda has been a staple in Jewish delicatessens for almost a hundred years, and was first […]