Author: Danny


Green Bean Kimchi


 Have you ever thought about making kimchi out of green beans?! This is the kind of wacky stuff that keeps me up at night. The truth is, virtually every vegetable can be fermented, and likewise, can be put through the kimchi process. Now, kimchi by definition doesn’t have to be […]


More Insane in the Brine: The 2nd Official Cookbook


 It’s here folks! The 2nd Insane in the Brine cookbook is now out, with 50 recipes! This book goes into new territory, from easy refrigerator charcuterie, to the newest insane pickle creations, jam and preserves, berry wine, olive-making and more! It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The […]

Hot Sauces, Sriracha-Style Sauces

“BlueRacha” (Blueberry Sriracha) Recipe


 I’ve been making fruit-flavored “sriracha” sauces for years and you can find numerous other such recipes here. Sriracha is a simple and highly versatile sauce, normally consisting of red chilies, vinegar, garlic, and sugar. Notwithstanding the addition of some fruit flavor, in these cases I very much aim to maintain […]