Insane in the Brine: The Official Cookbook


It’s here folks! Over 100 recipes you won’t find anywhere but in the cookbook, plus updates to over 20 of my classic recipes.

The ebook is in full color with any hard to find ingredients linked for easy identification & shopping. Unfortunately, due to the huge scope of the book (over 500 pages!), the pictures could not be in color for the print versions, in order to offer you the best possible value & price.

If the idea of color photos appeals to you, as well as having all the recipes and many other parts of the book hyperlinked to jump seamlessly between related recipes and easily shop for ingredients… not to mention saving those trees!… consider the e-book at just $8.99! (Or get one of each!)

4/28/22 Update: For those who do not shop Amazon, see the link below to Barnes & Noble.

E-book format: $9.99 (Amazon)

Paperback version: $28.99 (Amazon)

NEW! Hardback version: $39.99 (Amazon)

And now available in all formats (and at a reduced price!) through Barnes & Noble. Click here!

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