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Master Tonic (Fire Cider)


 Because of the diverse array of its anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich components, which are also normally easily accessible in conventional or specialty grocers and food markets, fire cider has only seen its popularity grow in both commercial production and DIY recipes in recent years. Another convenient benefit: It’s not hard at all […]

Ginger Bug Recipes

Sparkling Berry Lemonade


 This summer I made several different sparkling lemonades and I enjoyed all of them. You also can use the quantities in this recipe and swap out the strawberries for any other berries or fruit you like; I’ve had consistently good results this way, making lemonade sodas with blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, […]


“Hot Apple Pie”


 In spite of the fact that it’s been a scorching summer (or maybe because of it), I started thinking of all the delicious fall foods I love. Moreover, I started thinking of fall foods that have yet to exist and how I could maybe change that a bit… And then […]