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Master Tonic (Fire Cider)


 Because of the diverse array of its anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich components, which are also normally easily accessible in conventional or specialty grocers and food markets, fire cider has only seen its popularity grow in both commercial production and DIY recipes in recent years. Another convenient benefit: It’s not hard at all […]


Tepache Mojito


 In case you didn’t know, I already have a “ginger-bug” mojito mixer recipe on this site. The original idea was to combine the wort (the sweetened liquid) with a ginger bug starter culture to produce a lime-mint soda which could also double as a mojito mixer. It’s really delicious on […]

Simple Syrups

Lemon Simple Syrup


 Ahhh, lemon (or lime) simple syrup, so refreshing and versatile. And so easy. Let’s brainstorm some of the ways: drizzled on fruit salad, yogurt, or ice cream, glazed on your wings or seafood, in tea, added to your dressing or marinade, in your Tom Collins, Lemon Drop, Moscow Mule, and […]