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Kimchi, Sauerkraut



 Ah, yes! Infamous “Kraut-chi”… is it sauerkraut, or is it kimchi? Do I list it in my sauerkraut section or kimchi section?? Well, the way I’ve prepared it, it’s quite a bit of both, and is in both categories! I still have so much sauerkraut from my cabbage harvest last […]


Curry Kraut


 This recipe was a small batch of curry flavored sauerkraut. There are many ways to make curry. Some might add or take certain spices but this gives you a baseline from which to work. Think of all the things you could eat this with and on. Sausage, hot dogs, burgers, […]


Apple Garlic Juniper Sauerkraut


 Making a delicious, healthy, probiotic-rich sauerkraut is within your reach. Don’t go for the vinegar preserved so-called kraut on store shelves, and you can skip the pricey fermented kraut at natural food stores. This is something you can make inexpensively (even organic cabbage is usually around $1.49/lb.), and with a […]