More Insane in the Brine: The 2nd Official Cookbook


It’s here folks! The 2nd Insane in the Brine cookbook is now out, with 50 recipes! This book goes into new territory, from easy refrigerator charcuterie, to the newest insane pickle creations, jam and preserves, berry wine, olive-making and more!

It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The hardcover on Barnes & Noble is cheaper because it is in standard color, whereas on Amazon (by requirement) it is in premium color.

Amazon ebook ($5.99), paperback ($23.99, in color), hardcover ($43.99 in premium color)

Barnes & Noble ebook ($5.99), paperback ($23.99, in color), hardcover ($29.99 in color)

Also don’t forget the original! 120 recipes from ferments, to vinegar pickles, smoked fish, hot sauces, milk kefir, natural probiotic sodas and much more!

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