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Everything-Bagel-Spice Hummus


 Are you ready for a fun and flavorful mashup to impress and satisfy your guests? This delicious dip swaps out more traditional seasonings like cumin and paprika for everything-bagel-spice. You know, that delicious blend of onion and garlic flakes, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and potentially more. (My own everything-spice blend/recipe […]

Pickles, Proteins

Blackening-Seasoning Pickled Shrimp


 In my new cookbook, Insane in the Brine: The Official Cookbook, I wrote a blackening-seasoning (aka blackening-spice) pickled egg recipe that I love. I decided a similar approach to pickled shrimp – a somewhat obscure southern gem – would also yield delicious results. And it did! Blackening seasoning has a […]

Simple Syrups

Blackberry Simple Syrup


 This simple syrup recipe is just like my other syrup recipes but it yields a bigger amount so some of the quantities and cook times differ. This syrup is absolutely delicious on and in so many things (ice cream, pancakes, waffles, tea, cocktails, etc.) but this bigger recipe is to […]