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Lemon Lavender Poppy Scones


 I’m not going to spend much time talking about these because they’re just so incredibly delicious, we really need to just get to the recipe so you can see for yourself. No, this isn’t a ferment or pickle recipe, but in my personal life and social media, I’ve been encouraged […]


Easy Danmuji / Takuan – Sweet Pickled Radish


 The first Korean food I can remember ever eating was danmuji – sweet, yellow-colored pickled radish. It is often daikon but Korean radish can be subbed. Although other foods took me some getting used to (among them, kimchi, which is hard to believe given my love of kimchi and numerous […]


Pickled Herbed Mushrooms


 This easy recipe is bright but balanced, fragrant, and with a firm, satisfying texture. If you’re on the fence about pickled mushrooms (but you otherwise enjoy mushrooms and pickled foods), I highly recommend you to try. I know you’re going to just love it. The featured photos show Cremini (aka […]